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Department of Energy Hanford Collection Finding Aids


Finding aids for archival collections in the Department of Energy Hanford Collection, managed by WSU Tri-Cities Hanford History Project. Collections are open and available for research.


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Those interested in reproducing part or all of this collection should contact the Hanford History Project at, who can provide specific rights information for these items.

Items in the Department of Energy Hanford Collection Finding Aids Collection

The collection contains color photographs, color transparencies, color copies of photographs, and contact sheets. These all relate to the Russian visits to the Hanford Site in the 1990s and early 2000s.

Artist's renditions, photocopies, maps, blueprints, magazine, a report, and a document.

Twenty-four (24) bound volumes of the Hanford sites employee and contractor employee newspaper from 1947 to 1982. Through the years it has had name changes, publisher changes, frequency of publication changes, and format changes. Seventeen volumes…

The collection contains maps and blueprints. A detailed list of the collection includes: Maps of Reactor Areas 100-B, 100-C, 100-D, 100-DR, 100-F, 100-H, 100-K, 100N, Separation Areas 200E and 200W, Metal Preparation Area 300, a mileage chart for…

Four bound volumes of Rockwell News from 1977 - 1987. Titles and dates of volumes as follows: Rockwell News 1977-1979, 1980-1982, 1983-1985, and 1986-1987.

The Hanford Reach was published by Westinghouse Hanford Company from 11/1990 - 1997 then by Fluor Daniel Hanford (later Fluor Hanford) until 9/2003. It was first published only for Westinghouse employees, then in 1994 for all the Hanford site…

Documents were from a walkthrough of the 622-R Building, Hanford Meteorological Station, on December 5, 2007.

Creator of the collection is unknown. __ __The 100 KE Work Permit Collection was deposited by Thomas Marceau, employed by Hanford Site Contractor to the U. S. Department of Energy, Richland Operations, on October 19, 1999. The collection arrived in…

These materials cover plutonium processing and reactor use at the Hanford Site, specifically focused on the 200 areas (PFP and PRF), the PRTR, and the FFTF (LMBFR). Included are design criteria, standards, and training manuals. Photos of the 234…

Arthur Paul Vinther arrived at the Hanford Site on June 26, 1950 and worked at Hanford for 38 years. Vinther held dual bachelors degrees in Physics and Teaching and originally took a job with GE at hte B Reactor. His career includes working on the…

Little is known about the creator of the collection except that he worked at 165K Power House and on the Fast Flux Test Facility

J. Steve Buckingham first came to the Hanford Site in 1947 to work as a Chemist at the T Plant. Buckingham spent more than 40 years on the site in different chemistry positions working for various contractors.

Records of the Worrel family employment at Hanford. Fred Worrel worked for Hanford Patrol beginning in the Manhattan Project. His wife Maxine worked at some point at the 222-S labs. Their son, John, worked at PUREX. Materials include photographs,…