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Edward Milliman operating a device that forces hamsters to smoke cigarettes. 30 cigarettes are loaded at the top and each corresponds to a hamster. The machine takes a "puff" every few seconds. Photograph number PNL 711513-59

Edward Milliman operating an exposure chamber for inhalation test studies. Photograph number 78F013-1cn.

Edward Milliman loading a hamster into a smoking tube for asbestos exposure testing. Photograph number PNL 711513-3.

Edward Milliman disecting a Syrian Hamster after exposing the animal to different inhilation tests. Photograph number 34352-97-cn

Rodent lungs after inhalation tests of "fly ash".

Edward Milliman testing animals for asbestos concrete exposure using inhalation equipment at Pacific Northwest Laboratory. Photograph number 0407E2018

Clipping from Tri City Herald about Edward Milliman and a female companion being locked into a Black Angus restaurant when the staff, thinking the restaurant was empty, closed and locked the doors.

Edward Milliman and another worker running inhalation tests on rodents, likely Syrian Hamsters at Pacific Northwest Laboratory. The red suits indicate that exposure tests are currently being run. Photograph number 760818-13cn

Edward Milliman testing animal physiology (heart rate, respitory rate) at Pacific Northwest Laboratory. Photograph number 760818-11

Edward Milliman, as a child, playing with the family dog 'Poncho'.

Clipping from National Engineer Montly describing a recent patent filed by Department of Energy for a device that will "deliver uniform concentrations of dust for a long period of time." This device, invented by Edward Milliman at Pacificn Northwest…
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