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"1 Film; 4.8 x 6.9 cm.
A woman and child sitting in front of a computer, child is reaching over towards computer."

"1 photograph; 21.5 x 27.8 cm.
Both men pointing, one pointing at computer and another at a cylinder object with a metal pipe. Text on back of image reads: ""Photo No. 8500196 - 9CN PNL Photography Richland, Washington 99352""."

"1 photograph; 20.3 x 25.3 cm.
One man pointing to machine part with another man looking at it while on a computer. Photo No. 8500197 - 3-CN; PNL Photography Richland, Washington 99352."

"1 photograph; 12.8 x 17.3 cm.
Men working on drafts, men working with tubes, woman and man with medical equipment, two men working on machines."
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